Chaff Cutter Supplier

Mahesh Eng. Works has manufactured, supplied, and exported the highest-quality chaff cutter since it was established in 1985. A mechanical tool known a "chaff cutter" is used by farmers to chop straw or straw into small fragments termed "chaff." It consists of a rotating drum or blade putting together, often driven by an electric motor or an agricultural power take-off, that slices the substance as it goes by. Because smaller chaff particles are simpler for animals to chew and digest, the chaff cutter is frequently employed to prepare feed for livestock. Additionally, it may be used for various purposes like mulching or composting. The device features adjustable parameters for controlling the length of the chaff particles and is built to be trustworthy and efficient.

Chaff Cutter

Features of Chaff Cutter

  • Cutting Mechanism
  • Adjustable Cutting Length
  • Feeding Mechanism
  • Hopper or Chute
  • Power Source
  • Mobility
  • Safety Features
  • Output Collection
  • Durability and Maintenance
  • Size and Capacity

Types of Chaff Cutter

  • Hand operated Chaff Cutter
  • Power driven Chaff Cutter
  • Drum Chaff Cutter
  • Disc Chaff Cutter
  • Silage Chopper
  • Integrated Chaff Cutter