Paneer Making Machine manufacturer

Mahesh Eng. Works, established in 1985, produces, supplies, and exports Paneer Making Machines of the greatest quality. In the food sector, a paneer manufacturing machine is a specific piece of machinery used to streamline the paneer manufacturing process. Indian cottage cheese, which is often known as paneer, is an appreciated dairy exquisiteness used in several Indian dishes.

The machinery is made to make the paneer production procedure more time and labor effective by simplifying it. Typically, it comprises of a stainless steel tank or vessel that has a mixer and a heating device. The agitator encourages regular mixing and avoids lumps from developing while the tank serves to heat and curdle the milk.

Paneer Making Machine

The paneer making machine has temp and timing regulates, which let the user affect the curdling process's particulars. A curdling agent, such as lemon juice or citric acid, is used after the milk reaches the right degree to start the coagulation process. For optimal curd formation and keep the milk from adhering to the bottom of the tank, the agitator stirs it milk continually. The equipment aids in draining the whey via a slotted tray or different exit as the whey separates from the curd when the milk coagulates.

Features of Paneer Making Machine

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Automated Operation
  • Coagulation System
  • Cutting Mechanism
  • Molding and Pressing
  • Whey Extraction
  • Pressure Adjustment
  • Temperature Control
  • Capacity Options
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Types of Paneer Making Machine

  • Batch Paneer Press Machine
  • Continuous Paneer Press Machine
  • Paneer Vat/Curd Making Machine
  • Paneer Cutting Machine
  • Paneer Packaging Machine
  • Paneer Grinder/Grater Machine